Heather (setentpet) wrote in lims_movie,

Session 22 | Sign Ups

If you'd like to participate in the upcoming session, which will focus on X-men: Days of Future Past, you need to sign up here. Just comment with your username and I'll add you to the list. :) Please make sure you read the rules in the profile.

Session 22 will start once we get at least 15 participants. Sign ups will close when the voting for Challenge 1 goes up.

You can earn 1 extra skip (and my love) by promoting the community in a place that allows it, like your personal journal or your graphics journal. Please leave the link here. :D


fassy (2)
deadama (2)
morpho90 (2)
shameless666 (2)
magical_sid (2)
lady_turner (2)
rosy_nic (2)
nadya149 (2)
adriftingsea (2)
julie_izumi (1)
chicachellers (1)
Tags: !sign ups, movie: x-men:days of future past, session 22
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