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* Voting will be up until Monday evening. You don't need to be a participant to vote. You don't have to vote but I would appreciate it if you did. If you are a contestant and do not vote then you will not be eligible for People's Choice or Mod's Choice
* Vote for the ONE least quality icon. Base your decisions on the icon quality, NOT personal preference, so do not use phrases that start with "I don't". Give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism as to why you are voting an icon off, if you don't you will be asked to fix your vote. A great guide to how to vote can be found here: Voting Guide
* Vote for the ONE icon you think is of the best quality as well as a reason for choosing that icon. Explanations are required
* All comments will be screened until voting is over
* Do not vote for yourself or ask anyone else to vote for you
* Participants CANNOT VOTE!


Please take the time to consider a few things when voting:
Aim for votes to be 1 - 2 complete sentences
If you can expand, do!
WHY & WHERE - why is it a bad thing, where is it happening?
If you're feeling helpful you can also offer a HOW it could be improved.

i.e. If the icon is too dark, explain why that is a negative thing (subject blends into the background, loss of definition etc). Oversharpened? Tell me where!
Take from bwlims who took it from truebloodlims

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