February 11th, 2018

DD ● karen


Okay, after long consideration for your votes in the last poll I've decided to try a themed turbo round. You'll be able to provide caps also but for voting purposes I think is easier to focus in one part.

How will it work?
You have to sign up providing a theme, and a couple of caps if you like to but that's optional. If you decide to provide caps I'll post them along in the submissions post in case someone wants to use them. Once the submissions post is up the sign ups will close and you'll have about 4 weeks to enter, depending on the number of icons you have to make I'll give more time if need it.

You'll have to enter all the icons at once and when the due date is up the eliminations will go every two days, hoping everyone is up for voting that fast at the same time, again I'll give time for it if someone needs more.

You can icon any movie you want, it's up to you whether to icon one movie or several. The number of rounds will vary depending on how many people sign up and how many actually enter.

Skipping is not an option this round, any other rules apply as usual. I think that's all, let me know if you have any questions.

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