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Lims Movie
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Movie Last Icon Maker Lims

Lims Movie

This Last Icon Maker Standing is going to feature Movies. Each session will feature one movie for you to icon until we reach the last icon maker standing.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me, setentpet
[01] In order to participate in the contest, you must sign up at the sign up post.
[02] Everybody automatically gets one skip. This allows you to not enter one challenge without being eliminated. However, skips may not be used when there are 5 people left.
[03] Each week, the challenge is posted and you have to enter your icon by the deadline. During the week you can change your entry as often as you want. If you want to change your icon you must either edit or delete your previous entry.
[04] All effects except animation are allowed.
[05] Some challenges will have special rules. Please make sure you read them carefully. When a challenge has no special rules, you can do whatever you want with the icon (except animation).
[06] Each challenge there will be a Mod's Choice award and a People's Choice award. The People's Choice is determined by votes.
[07] Participants must vote in order to be eligible for either of the weekly awards.
[08] When voting, you must supply decent reasons for eliminations. Reasons for your favorites is now optional. Positive votes will cancel out negative votes.
[09] Some sessions might have a comeback round. This challenge will be for everyone that was eliminated throughout the session. They have a chance to be brought back in.
[10] Make sure you're aware of the weekly schedule (below). Also, adding the community to your friends list is probably a good idea.
[11] All icons must be made brand new and specifically for this contest.
[12] Your icon must meet LJ requirements: cannot exceed 40KB or 100x100.
[13] The final 3 contestants will have the right to submit 2 movies each that they would like to see iconed in the next challenge.

Monday - The picture for the round goes up.
Saturday - No more icons will be accepted. The voting will go up.
Monday - The voting ends, and the winners are announced.

Session 1 - megalicious
Session 2 - coffee_scented
Session 3 - nikkidot
Session 4 - narniacmr
Session 5 - xoxoknlove
Session 6 - visionsbeyond
Session 7 - visionsbeyond
Session 8 - sesperia
Session 9 - narniacmr
Session 10 - sourpony
Session 11 - narniacmr
Session 12 - outoftime
Session 13 - second_love
Session 14 - narniacmr
Session 15 - narniacmr
Session 16 - myneonhearts
Session 17 - julie_izumi
Session 18 - sietepecados
Session 19 - nadya149
Session 20 - lover_of_narnia
Session 21 - hitsuga
Session 22 - nadya149
Session 23 - nadya149
Session 24 - dixon
Session 25 - lady_kingsley
Session 26 - adriftingsea
Session 27 - lady_turner
Session 28 - shameless666
Session 29 - lady_kingsley
Session 30 - lady_kingsley
Session 31 - lover_of_narnia
Session 32 - naginis
Session 33 - pending


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